The hottest buzz in the spa world is the benefits of infused CBD products and massages. CBD is derived from hemp, not marijuana, so it’s Non-Psychoactive and Anti-inflammatory. The Spa Industry Association says that massage creams and oils infused with CBD, are inherently therapeutic for the mind and the body.  CBD is great after a workout and seems to alleviate pain.

Massage therapists say, “CBD oil has the potential to be pretty transformative. People experiencing major pain or anxiety have even been brought to tears. Clients say ‘now I know what my body is supposed to feel like.'”


Shape magazine says, “By activating the pathways of existing cannabinoid (CB2) receptors in the body, CBD helps to warm your muscles, reduces tension, and leaves you feeling refreshed.  It enhances relaxation. 

The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joints, allowing the massage therapist to work more effectively. People seek massages as a way to relax and escape stress. For athletes, CBD also has a reputation for accelerating the recovery and healing process of injured connective tissue.

When we feel out overwhelmed, it can be hard to relax. Because CBD facilitates calmness and relaxation, it means you can unwind and be better prepared to keep up with your busy life when your massage session ends.

How CBD works?

The CBD receptors (known as CB2) are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is the physiological system that helps the homeostatic functions within the central nervous system. This includes maintenance of bodily functions, pain, inflammation, and the immune system.

CB2 receptors are found in nerve and immune cells in just about every organ. CBD binds to CB2 receptors as well as TRPV1 receptors. Damaged tissues sensitize TRPV1 to its chemical and physical stimuli. Adding massage further benefits the stimulation of TRPV1 activity and has a positive influence on the CB2 receptors, which helps alleviate inflammation and pain.

Stretching and massage with a high-quality CBD oil feels luxurious and relaxing for your tired body. By activating the pathways of already existing cannabinoid receptors in the body, CBD works to warm up your muscles, reduces tension and leaves you feeling refreshed.

CBD works to not only calm and hydrate your body but it also leaves you feeling nurtured in part by releasing the tension that causes discomfort.

CBD massage promotes positive energy, elevates your mood and helps you find peace and clarity. You can get those bliss molecules pumping through CBD massage.

Yes, try a CBD massage and experience the benefits!

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