Bliss Body Lotion


Club Hemp’s BLISS is an amazing Hemp Oil topical!

This natural lotion nourishes and softens your dry skin.  This product contains Hemp Oil which is an anti-itch, anti-inflammatory lotion. From acne to rosacea, Hemp Oil’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to heal skin. Hemp Oil lotion can help with reducing the puffiness, swelling, and soreness that come with various skin issues.

Our products are unique because they also contain collagen.  Did you know that we lose collagen as we age? This is the reason why we have aging skin.

Our product helps replace collagen so that new skin grows faster. Our lotions are also fun because we also add 24 karat gold mica so you sparkle and shimmer.

We have two fragrances: Coconut, which is a sunny beach vacation in a bottle. We also have Lavender Rose, which lets you have a 24/7 spa experience.

All of our products are natural or organic.  No GMO.  Award-winning hemp oil.

I can tell you need a getaway. Why not have one you can afford? Add to Cart and you’ll be living the life for $14.95… Come on- click it.


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