CBD lotions – What is the value of them?

Hemp has quite an extensive history of health benefits. The Greeks valued the plants for the relief they provided from pain and inflammation. They would use the leaves and seeds as a topical to target specific areas of the body in need of relief.

So consider CBD lotion as a safe and effective remedy in the beauty world.  By the year 2020, it’s expected the CBD market will grow by 700%.  Its unique compounds have been proven to help provide pain relief, fight inflammation, and reduce anxiety.

Yet its powerful properties don’t stop there. When added into a lotion, it reportedly can enhance the quality of your skin.


To clear up any confusion, there are big differences between THC and CBD cannabinoids. Both are found in hemp (but, THC in hemp is below .3% or 3/10%…this is so low people do not get high from it.)


You can thank the hemp plant itself for its many protective properties that translate to skin care health. The compounds in the plant work to protect it from UV damage, bacteria, and disease.

Hemp cream is a lightweight moisturizer that hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. We’re not talking about just hemp seed oil.  It’s important to get hemp oil from the whole plant because the CBD within the lotion also has antioxidant, anti-itch and anti-inflammation properties. These properties help regulate your skin while enhancing its youthful appearance.

Clubhemp.co lotions also contain nano-enhanced collagen oil meaning that the collagen is small enough to break the blood brain barrier to quickly regenerate aging skin from the inside out.


Hemp oil is full of healthy fatty acids that provide extra moisture for your skin. The product is creamy and rich without clogging up pores.

Those suffering from eczema experience dry, flaky skin,  CBD creams or oils provide excess moisture and anti-itch properties to help with this.


CBD is a known anti-inflammatory. It can work wonders for puffiness and swelling when applied to your skin.

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that plagues millions of men and women. It’s characterized by a redness from bumps and broken blood vessels on the face. Anti-inflammatory topicals help to reduce symptoms and flare-ups.


CBD also has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. This helps soothe irritated, itchy, and red skin. Many people report it can further provide pain relief.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease where the skin becomes scaly and dry due to excess build-up. This can occur throughout the entire body or in one specific area. You can ease symptoms of psoriasis by using creams with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Compounds within Hemp CBD extract can also reportedly help protect your skin from free radical damage. It produces lipids that regulate skin cell growth. This means your skin stays protected and healthy from things like UV damage.  Of course you still want to use a natural sun screen to protect you from UV damage.


Make sure the hemp cbd oil is lab tested so there are no heavy metals, mold or mildew.  No pesticides.  You are looking for a natural or organic hemp oil, extracts or other oils.  Is the hemp farmed in the USA?  Can you see the lab reports?    Not all products are equal.  Be careful of cheap CBD lotions because typically they are not organic, natural, have unhealthy fillers, and have little to no CBD.


Check out Clubhemp.co. (No M!)  You’ll find two lotions with different fragrances.  One is Coconut and the other is Lavender Rose.  Both are like a vacation or a spa in a bottle.  They also contain environmentally safe, 24 karat gold mica to add a natural glow to your skin.

Bliss Body Lotion


Club Hemp’s BLISS is an amazing CBD topical!

This natural lotion nourishes and softens your dry skin.  This product contains CBD which is an anti-itch, anti-inflammatory lotion. From acne to rosacea, cannabidiol’s (CBD) antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help heal skin. CBD lotion can help with reducing the puffiness, swelling and soreness that come with various skin issues.

Our products are unique because they also contain collagen.  Did you know that we lose collagen as we age? This is the reason why we have aging skin.

Our product helps replace collagen so that new skin grows faster. Our lotions are also fun because we also add 24 karat gold mica so you sparkle and shimmer.

We have two fragrances: Coconut, which is a sunny beach vacation in a bottle. We also have Lavender Rose, which lets you have a 24/7 spa experience.

All of our products are natural or organic.  No GMO.  Award winning hemp oil.

I can tell you need a getaway. Why not have one you can afford? Add to Cart and you’ll be living the life for $14.95… Come on- click it.


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