Nanotechnology in Hemp Oil Breaks down Big Things into Small Elements so It’s Easier for your Body to Absorb

Science can be confusing, and you’re not here to get a degree, you’re here to feel better. So let’s explore why nanotechnology in hemp oil is so cool, even if you don’t understand it…think of it like garlic.

Nanotechnology is simply science and technology working at a super small level – nano literally means things that are about 100 nanometres across. How small is that? There are more nanometres in an inch than there are inches in 400 miles. Now that’s small!

Imagine you are cooking an Italian meal with lots of garlic; you chop garlic into smaller pieces before cooking… the bigger the garlic, the more intense the flavor. So you make it smaller and it tastes better.  Make sense?

Smaller is better; that’s also the key to nanotechnology.

The same thing applies to your body when you take nano-particulate products like our hemp oils.

For example, we found that when hemp oil is converted into a nano-fractionalized form, it just works better. This is because a smaller molecule has more surface area to interact with than a larger molecule.

Nano particles also make a previously non-soluble product, water soluble.  This means it  is absorbed into your body — which is made of mostly water — more effectively.

Nanotechnology isn’t even new, it’s been around for over a thousand years. The Romans used nano-particles to make glasses, and potters in the Renaissance used nano-tech to make beautiful ceramics.

What’s the Big Deal about Nanotechnology and Hemp Oil?

Club Hemp Products are nano amplifiedIt’s not the use of nano-tech that is new, but the deeper understanding of HOW it can be used, and FOR WHAT that really is intriguing.

For example, let’s take beauty products for skincare. is using nano-tech to enhance the delivery of key ingredients to the skin.

We use technology to shrink extremely small particles and bind them with natural ingredients so they are easily absorbed by the skin. Because we use all natural ingredients, your skin welcomes them, instead of rejecting the invasion and reacting with sensitivity.

Think of your skin like a giant colander with tiny holes. Now, if you dump a bag of microwave popcorn– genetically engineered to pop every kernel– into a colander, it will mostly stay in the bowl looking pretty and full of air.

But what if you only want the the nutrient-packed kernels? Well, then you’d pour a bottle of whole kernels into the colander and shake it gently until they all fell through the holes at the bottom.

Believe it or not, this is like most skincare products. They may look, and even smell pretty on the surface, but very little is getting through below the skin to do any real good.

Synthetic chemicals, knock off oils, and unnatural fillers all sit on the surface of the skin and never really penetrate the outer skin layer, the epidermis. Sure, they “soak” in, but if you want the truth… they don’t actually get in deep enough to do the job like our hemp oil does.’ s oils are broken down to the molecular level to pass right through the skin’s surface, not sit on the top. The result is scientific skincare with proven results.

Here’s what your skin looks like underneath – and why nanotech helps!

Nano-Tech in Hemp Oil— The Biggest Thing to Happen in Skin Care

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body.

Therefore, it’s a pretty big target…constantly bombarded by harmful UV rays, toxins, and other pollutants both inside and outside of your home.

But what happens when those mini-particles meet their match, our hemp oils?

When nano-tech created hemp oil collides with micro-toxins, YOU WIN!

We have harnessed the power of nano-tech and hemp oils to create a product line unlike any other available today.

See that wasn’t so hard, and you really don’t need to know how it works – after all, do you really know how the technology in your mobile phone is able to deliver what it took a computer to do only 5 years ago?

Or do you simply pick it up, and make a call?

Nanotechnology is the foundation of our hemp oils, making your life easier and hopefully healthier without requiring you to do anything but use it regularly, and follow a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why you’re a Club Hemp member, because leveraging technology to improve your health is simple common sense today. Now you can tell everyone that nanotechnology is improving your life, and sure they won’t understand, and honestly it doesn’t matter until you see and feel the results for yourself. Still it helps us all remember the power of small things, of small steps…enjoy!

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