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Affiliates, don’t forget to submit a W-9 so that we can process your affiliate payments.

    What is a W-9?

    A W-9 is a type of tax form which gives the requester the appropriate Taxpayer Identification Number for tax paying purposes. It reports an individual’s income generated through to the IRS.

    Why do I have to submit a W-9?

    In accordance with U.S. tax law and IRS regulations, it is a requirement for to collect W-9 forms from all Affiliates who are US citizens. It is a way for the government to ensure that taxes are being paid.

    Helpful tips for quick processing:

    1. Make sure your user ID number is somewhere on the form to ensure that it moves forward to processing.
      2. Make sure the address on your W-9 form matches the address on your account.
      3. If you have questions as to how to fill out the form or what to put, instructions can be found on pages 2-4 of the W-9.

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