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Our award-winning beauty, health, and pet products have no GMO, are lab tested, farmed in Colorado, and have no pesticides.   We source organic ingredients, add natural terpenes and essential oils to offer a unique effect not found in other products.  We use expensive ingredients with no fillers.  We also test and tweak our marketing materials to ensure you make the most money.  Of course, there are no guarantees…  We’re also about education and training.  We offer videos interviews with doctors, scientists, vets, and chiropractors so you can ask questions.  


We just need to know a bit about you and where to send your checks.  You get 10% on sales and and when you sign up another affiliate, you’ll get 2.5% of every sale they make!  You also get a unique link to track sales to you, a QR code of your very own and awesome marketing materials. You’ll even get a back office where you can track referrals and run your affiliate business like a pro!!

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